A Little Company During Our Outdoor Lighting Review by Chad Rodvold

I always enjoy evening reviews of our outdoor lighting designs, at least in the winter! Summer hours keep me on projects till weeeee hours in the morning, however this my designs sharp and ensures the placement of the fixtures is correct in achieving the "thoughts in my head"...scary.:) It's really nice though when I get a little company. Although he didn't stick around long, I'm sure he enjoyed the results of this landscape lighting project in South Texas. 

Timing is Everything by Chad Rodvold

I was sitting outside my office in the van, leaning over to grab my bag, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. When I turned, all I saw were feathers. This hawk came swooping in and grabbed a dove out of the air right in front of my van. Missed the actual catch but it sat close for about a minute while getting a good grip on it's prey. You don't see that with an office job! Timing is everything and it helps that your outdoors doing landscape lighting design.