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$500,000,000 spec house...nothing shocks me anymore by Chad Rodvold

Looks like a space ship landed among all those poor little L.A. million dollar mansions...100,000 sqft of complete unadulterated opulence being built in Bel Air, without an actual buyer, and being dubbed "The One". 

Through my job, I've become desensitized to what people do with their wealth. Last year, I did the landscape lighting on two 20,000+ sqft estates and over the years have designed several other estates that have exceeded 40,000 sqft. So far this year, I'm working on another 20plus sqfter and trying to secure another exceeding 50,000 sqft. I used to ask myself all the questions of "why" and "how could they", but now I just say thank you and go on my merry way. 

To put all this in perspective, the average neighborhood Wal Mart exceeds 45,000 sqft and the average discount Wal Mart is roughly 140,000 sqft. So basically, "The One" falls right about in the middle of all those isles of craziness. Here's the link to a recent article with developer-builder Nile Niami and if you don't want to read the article completely, just take a look at a bit of what "The One" has to offer.

  • Five swimming pools
  • Night club
  • Casino
  • Jellyfish tanks
  • Cigar lounge
  • Sky deck
  • Putting green
  • 30 car garage
  • 45-seat IMAX theater
  • 5,000 sqft master bedroom

Here are a couple architectural renderings from McClean Design.

McClean Design

McClean Design

McClean Design

McClean Design

The only things I keep thinking about is spec house and the part in the movie Tin Cup where Cheech Marin, caddying for Craig Sadler says "you have extra large juevos"! Good luck Mr. Niami.

What's everyones initial thoughts?

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