Several of My Favorite Dallas / Fort Worth Landscape Architecture Firms / by Chad Rodvold

Quite frequently, I get brought on a job and the owner hasn't selected a landscape architect or landscape designer for their project. Most don't know the difference so this post will offer both a list of landscape architects I appreciate and explain the difference. (There will be a list of landscape designers to follow. 

I've seen so many definitions on the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer, but this has always been my favorite. "A Landscape Architect can be a landscape designer, but a landscape designer cannot be a Landscape Architect". A landscape architect requires a formal advanced degree and state licensure where I can make a business card tomorrow and be E2 Landscape Design. Don't take that the wrong way...a lot of landscape design firms are as qualified and as talented as the list of landscape architects, but there is no regulation in landscape design. You are only allowed to use the title "Landscape Architect" if you pass the minimum state requirements...think Architect and architectural designer. 

First, let me make a few disclaimers 1) the list is in no particular order of quality or favorite, but alphabetically to remain impartial 2) I have worked with half the firms on the list and won't put any pressure on the remaining (they know who they are) and 3) I wouldn't let any of them do my landscape lighting! I've designed and installed hundreds of plans throughout the country and would venture a guess that's more lighting plans than all of them combined. Landscaping, hardscaping, pools, and elevations...they are the best.

For over a dozen years, I have been working with landscape architects throughout the country and I can say the quality of design and construction these landscape architectural firms provide rivals the top firms anywhere in the country.

  1. ArchiVerde
  2. Britton and Associates
  3. Harold Leidner
  4. Hocker Design
  5. Lamberts
  6. Mesa Design Group
  7. Naud Burnett
  8. Roundtree Landscaping
  9. Studio Outside
  10. Ten 55 Design

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