The devil's in the details...Comparing different LED lamps for landscape lighting / by Chad Rodvold

Nothing too crazy here, but we have to do this from time to time with all the changing technology and claims within the LED industry. 

Today, I decided to compare three different manufacturers, I use relatively consistently, to evaluate their performance claims. Each one has the exact same specifications for wattage, kelvin, lumens, and beam spread...and each one is different from the other! Subtle differences, but still different.

I pay special attention to color consistency, beam spread, light intensity at center, and light intensity around the perimeter when analyzing lamp specifications. I then use this information to correlate the proper lamp with the appropriate plant material or architectural detail being illuminated. Momma always said "the devil's in the details" and I think paying special attention to those details differentiates E2 Illumination Designs from the competition.

E2 Illumination Designs, based in Dallas, Texas, is a landscape lighting design-build firm traveling wherever high quality design and construction is demanded.