The future of landscape lighting for E2 Illumination Designs / by Chad Rodvold

Company management is shaking things up recently as computers, iPads, and iPhones have taken over the minds of our crew. So official training to instill the work ethic, attitudes, and the occupational enjoyment we expect at E2 Illumination Designs has begun. 

On the ropes, the boys are finding out why dad loves hanging in the trees and the movie Swiss Family Robinson. They seem to be enjoying the job...maybe a bit too much. I don't think they'll be having this good of a time when the electrical trenching portion of their development begins!

The front office is in capable hands and I'm so proud of the teamwork shared between these two budding professionals. However, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of working getting done. We'll get to the office training (math homework) a bit later.

Design is always evolving, however a do believe we won't have a problem in this department as long as "drawing your sister" on breaks is allowed. 

So the team is in place, training has begun, and the future looks bright for E2 Illumination Designs.