360 House in Roncesvalles, Spain / by Chad Rodvold

Architecture Firm- Subarquitectura

Reference Site- Architizer

To quote Subarquitectura "We seek the poetic in all that seems to have been considered from the merely pragmatic point of view. The result is the literal construction of a use diagram. In this instance, form does not follow function, but is instead function itself." 

Sometimes I'm amazed at what I find myself drawn to in architecture. There is absolutely nothing about the 360 House I would like for myself (besides the pool, land, views, location...other than that absolutely nothing!!), but I have an immediate reaction to it that requires me to look deeper. In today's online world, we tend to look at something creative and instantly start to dissect whatever it is we don't like or would change from that "first" look. During initial client meetings, I show a plethora of photo illustrations of past projects to directly observe that immediate reaction. It's that immediate reaction, both positive and negative, that dictate my landscape lighting design. Whether too bright, too dark, wrong color, I need their feedback to create the nighttime ambiance they desire. Lighting, as with architecture, is subjective... 

In creating my designs, I never enjoy designing purely function, as with security lighting. However, I hope to be able to create an illumination effect like the 360 House, encouraging viewers to "seek the poetic".